Who We Are

Our History

Since 1992, ESCO Electric has performed specialty electrical projects. Today, moving into the future as ESCO Contractors, we can now provide EPC service for Natural Gas Pipeline and Electrical T&D, including Transmission, Distribution, and Substation. Our multifaceted company also performs specialized maintenance, inspection services, and Managed Services, which include PSMO (Project, Construction, TRC, Safety, and Site management).

ESCO Contractors always works to ensure that each project is skillfully designed, constructed, and maintained while also focusing on high quality and maintaining the highest standards for a safe working environment. By sticking to an agreed schedule and efficient workflow, we’re able to finish projects on time while still maintaining our high standard of Quality, Productivity, Integrity, and Safety. 

Environmental Impact

The environment is an important factor to consider with every one of our jobs, including electrical and pipeline ROW (Right of Way). We are committed to ensuring that our projects are completed in a way that has minimal impact on the surrounding environment as well as sustainable. By working to strictly follow and maintain federal, state, and local regulations and standards, our jobs are always completed with the environment in mind.

Safety Comes First

Our first, and most important value focuses on safety. In addition to maintaining safe working environments for those who are on the projects with us, we focus on the safety of the public and the safety of those who will be working in the finished plant, too.

We work to hold safety to the highest standard by maintaining compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations as well as working with highly qualified teams, performing job site audits, recognizing hazards, reporting incidents, and constantly enforcing safety rules and high standards of workmanship.


With decades of experience working on, building, and engineering the production of natural gas pipelines, natural gas plants, power plants, power lines, power poles, and substations, we’re able to perform as experts within our industry. We always focus on building partnerships founded on trust and performance and completing projects safely, efficiently, and within your budget.

High-Quality Results

To ensure safety, we also need to prioritize quality results. Not only do we want our projects to be completed in a timely manner, but we also want them to be built with the best materials as well as to the highest standards possible. While we perform regular maintenance on our completed projects, we work to ensure it’s on new problems, and not problems due to a construction or engineering error. By managing the project from start to finish, we’re able to make sure every step is completed with quality as a top priority.

Our Values

Where our priorities align

Our priority is keeping everyone safe and ensuring that each project is built with the highest standards in mind with the best of the best on the team.